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The permanent magnet variable frequency drive system is an innovative new system at the application level.The company uses its own technical advantages in permanent magnet motors, and develops permanent magnet scraper drive motors that meet the needs of the domestic market through market research, introduction of technology, and its own digestion and absorption, and upgrading and improvement.Technical characteristicsPermanent magnet synchronous motors have the characteristics of high power density, compact layout, and small size.Excellent performance in low-speed or zero-speed full torque output.In the application of scraper equipment, it can output high torque at low speed and solve the problem of coal stacking and heavy load starting.The frequency converter and the permanent magnet synchronous motor are organically combined to save energy and reduce consumption, and the comprehensive energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.The starting torque is large, the starting current is small, and there is no impact on the power grid.Smooth start can eliminate mechanical and electrical shocks and prolong the service life of mechanical equipment.