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source of technology    Electric shovel below 12 cubic meters in the mine is mainly driven by DC, accounting for more than 90%. Old-fashioned electric shovel control equipment is mainly based on the electronic adjustment of analog circuits, and its main principle is to build a proportional integral double closed loop circuit through resistors, capacitors and operational amplifiers. With the theme of the electric control cabinet for the electric shovel, a digital regulator was developed based on the excavator characteristic curve and the original analog circuit control method. At present, only Dalian Sunshine owns this product and has applied for a patent. Technical characteristics    The DC power shovel generator set contains four parts: lifting, pushing, turning, and walking (the turning and walking share a generator, and the motor is switched). The high-voltage prime mover drives the DC generator to rotate, and the DC generator is excited by the feedback signal controller. The current generation drives the DC motor to drive the operation of the mechanism.    The complete set of electronic control is mainly based on electrical control cabinets, including: high-voltage incoming cabinets, transformer cabinets, control cabinets, etc. The core component is the excitation control device of the DC generator in the control cabinet (also has the function of controlling the performance of the entire motor).    At present, Anshan Iron and Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Fushun Mining Group, Benxi Iron and Steel, Huolinhe Coal Industry and other large open-pit mines have been used on a large scale, with a market share of more than 60%, and with continued promotion, the market share is expected to reach more than 90%.