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Generator for hybrid mining truck

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Relying on a large amount of experience in the development of drive motors for new energy vehicles and wheel-side motors for mining, and fully analyzing the operating characteristics of this type of mining truck, the hybrid and pure electric mining truck drive motor sets have been developed and developed.Technical characteristicsThe vehicle drive motor is the core of electric vehicles, and its performance and reliability directly affect the operating conditions of the vehicle.Applying electric drive technology to mining trucks can improve the fuel-saving characteristics of the vehicle, extend its service life, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.In particular, the electric energy recovery rate of mining trucks can reach more than 70% under the cycle conditions of no-load uphill and full-load downhill.When going downhill, the potential energy is converted into the kinetic energy of the vehicle, and then converted into electric energy, which is stored in the power battery and used for the traction of the vehicle.