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YGP Series Frequency Conversion Roller Motor

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YGP series products:

On the basis of YG series roller table motors, the company has done a lot of work in the electrical performance design, structural design, insulation design, stator and rotor groove design of the motor, and has made a lot of work on the basis of the YG series roller table motor and the advanced technology of foreign companies.The characteristic YGP series of variable-frequency speed-regulating motors for roller conveyors: the motor has strong overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide speed range, and is suitable for frequent forward and reverse rotations and conveyor roller conveyors.The metallurgical variable frequency roller motor model is from YGP132-500 (mm), a total of 150 specifications, the power is from 0.55KW-250KW, and the rated torque is from 7.3-7500N.m, which can meet the needs of the metallurgical industry's ground supporting motors.It can provide various roller table motors for rolling equipment for large domestic steel mills.Including Anshan Iron and Steel's 1580 wide and heavy plate project, Taiyuan Iron and Steel's 1549 hot continuous rolling transformation project, Liuzhou Iron and Steel's medium plate 2800 transformation project, Bayi Steel's 1750 hot strip continuous rolling project, and Chongqing Iron and Steel 1780 hot rolling broadband project auxiliary drive motor, etc.