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Walking beam type permanent magnet direct drive pumping unit motor

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The permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive system is a pioneering new type of drive system with great development potential. It organically combines the frequency conversion technology with the permanent magnet synchronous motor technology to give full play to the low speed and large torque of the permanent magnet synchronous motor.Features, combined with its own technical advantages, developed a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which is used to drive a beam-type permanent magnet direct drive pumping unit.Technical characteristicsPermanent magnet direct drive motors are used in beam pumping units, replacing traditional induction motors, belts and mechanical reduction gearboxes, and directly driving beam pumping units.The improved structure is greatly simplified, which not only improves the efficiency and reliability of the system, but also greatly reduces the workload of on-site maintenance.Compared with the traditional structure, it is more compact, occupies less space, lower noise, and higher power factor.