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Permanent magnet direct drive screw pump drive motor

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source of technology    Screw pump oil extraction is a new type of mechanical extraction method that has developed rapidly in recent years. It is especially suitable for the extraction of crude oil from high-viscosity, high-gas, high-sand, high-water, and low-yield oil wells. It can effectively overcome gas lock, jams, etc. Phenomenon, its superiority in increasing production and energy saving has become increasingly prominent. Under the huge market demand, the company uses its own technological advantages to develop a permanent magnet direct-drive screw pump drive motor suitable for the domestic market by introducing technology and carrying out its own digestion, absorption, upgrading and improvement. Technical characteristics    Applying the permanent magnet direct drive motor to the screw pump can directly transmit the output torque to the screw pump, eliminating the complicated belt deceleration transmission device, gearbox deceleration transmission device and anti-reverse braking mechanism of the existing screw pump pumping unit , The volume is reduced, and the trouble of oil leakage in the gear reducer is eliminated. It can also realize intelligent parameter adjustment, intelligent control, and remote monitoring, so that the entire speed range is in the high-efficiency zone.    Compared with the frequency converter + Y series motor, this solution eliminates the latter's low torque, unstable speed, small speed range, poor overload capacity, and the belt and reduction box still cannot be omitted. The screw pump is still subject to side tension. , Still can not save the shortcomings of reversing brake mechanism and low system efficiency. After the direct drive motor is used, the amount of maintenance is reduced, the labor intensity is low, the efficiency is energy saving, and the performance is improved, which is conducive to improving the competitiveness of the product.