Traction motor characteristics

2021-07-26 11:08

With the increasing maturity of AC variable frequency speed regulation technology, stable and reliable stepless speed regulation of AC traction motors can be carried out.The speed regulation range can reach 1:1000, which is larger than the DC speed regulation range, especially without the existence of the DC motor commutator, which overcomes many disadvantages of the DC motor. Compared with the DC motor, the AC traction motor has a simple and reliable structure, Small size and light weight, it is more suitable for the requirements of vehicles on the installation space and weight of the motor. More importantly, the AC traction motor has large power, strong overload capacity, low noise, and wide speed adjustment range (0~5000r/Min), the regenerative braking force is huge, can prevent wheel slipping, high reliability, convenient maintenance, stable and comfortable, and saves 20 to 30% of power. It has become the first choice for modern urban rail transit traction locomotive drive motors:1. AC traction motor for urban rail transit.2. AC traction motors for light tram tracks.3. AC traction motor for subway.