What are the requirements for traction motors

2021-07-26 11:18

The main requirements for traction motors are:1. Make full use of the internal space of the body to make the structure compact;2. Use higher-level insulating materials and magnetically conductive materials;3. The parts need to have higher mechanical strength and rigidity;Fourth, the entire motor must have good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions and dust and moisture resistance;5. Special measures must be taken to cope with the more difficult "reversing" conditions to reduce sparks under the carbon brush.There are many types of traction motors, such as DC traction motors, AC asynchronous traction motors, and AC synchronous traction motors. DC traction motors, especially DC series motors, have good speed regulation performance and working characteristics, adapt to the needs of locomotive traction characteristics, and are widely used. The working principle of the traction motor is the same as that of the general DC motor, but has special working conditions: the space size is limited by the gauge and the diameter of the moving wheels; the locomotive has to withstand considerable shock and vibration when it runs through the rail gap and the switch; large and small gear Strong torsional vibration will be generated on the armature when the meshing is poor; when used in harsh environments, rain, snow, dust and sand are easy to invade.