Motor structure and applicable environment of DC traction motor

2021-07-26 11:16

Motor structure and applicable environment of DC traction motor:DC series motors are suitable for various electric vehicles powered by batteries, such as electric vehicles, forklifts, trucks, rail flat cars, stackers, golf carts, patrol cars, trainers, entertainment facilities, industrial and mining vehicles, etc. for walking Electric motor.1. Applicable environment.1. a): The altitude does not exceed 1200M. b): Ambient temperature ≯40℃, low ≮-25℃. c): The relative humidity is up to 100%, and frost is formed on the surface of the motor.2. It can meet various working conditions such as heavy-load starting of vehicles, full-load climbing and high-speed running on flat roads, without the need of mechanical speed change. 2. Motor structure 1. The motor is a series-excited DC motor, which is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a brush cover and a drive cover.3. The motor is divided into fully enclosed type and open type. The fully enclosed type can prevent foreign matter, dust, water and other substances from entering, and the open type can make it easier to maintain the commutator and replace the brush.4. The wires of the armature and the commutator are all welded by TIG, which is reliable in connection and can be applied to various harsh working environments.5. Refer to layman's drawing or order form for specific appearance and technical parameters.